A Post Apocalyptic Setting

Auropia is a city; the last city. Auropia is the last bastion of humanity in the universe once ruled by the great Human Empire; a castle who’s ramparts of elevation protect it from the world below. It stands as a sentinel above a dead world, a barren wasteland; watching over mutants, outlaws, barbarians, and generations of hopeful Immigrants.

Auropia the city is location for our adventure. It is a city built a half mile above the wastelands below. It has been the last home of humanity for nearly 200 thousand years since an age of chaos known as the Doomtimes. It is a city of intrigue, darkness, and evil, but also a city of hope. Immigrants and refugees still see the City as their only hope for salvation despite generations of waiting below the city for permission to serve. The poor and immigrants must prove themselves to become citizens, but for citizens prosperity and happiness can be grasped.


The adventures will revolve around a group of characters who are forced to work in the lowest sectors of security. This is known as Auropia Security Enforcement and is the lowest part of the police and military of the City. These are a cross between janitors, border patrol, police, militia and meter maids. The characters will be criminals (illegal cybergear perhaps?), Immigrants, Mutants, debtors, or the very poor hoping for Citizenship through service. The characters are either people on their way up or people who have hit rock bottom and can only be employed by the state. Will these characters uncover great schemes of the powerful brewing in the darkest depths of the City or will they spend all their time chasing down rogue butler androids?

This game will use Alternity rules with our normal house rules (ie expanded Melee Weapons Skills, cost to purchase skills is equal to their base cost, stats are 50+6d4 drop the lowest d4 etc) but will be more generous in a few ways:

  • Last Resort points will be made available more frequently and be more forgiving to purchase. Last Resort points always cost 1 SP to purchase. Then replenish every adventure or at certain key events (GM discretion).
  • Skill points will be earned once per achievement track point when they are given. A second SP will be given per achievement track point when the character levels. Achievement benefits can only be purchased when leveling.
  • SP can be spent for a re-roll. This can be on damage, a bad dodge check, or when an enemy pops you with an amazing etc. If you have an SP in the bank you can spend it. This costs one SP and allows for a re-roll and that SP is gone forever. The usual re-roll rules come in such as must say you want re-roll before damage is assigned etc and must be announced quickly so it doesn’t slow down game.
  • I will be instituting a ‘bennies’ system similar to other games. I will give a token during the game that can be used for various things like a last resort point, personal financial gain for the character, an item, re-rolls. These have to be spent before the next game session because all bennies go back to DM at the start of each session. These tokens will be issued based on awesome role playing moments, funny ass in game jokes, use of language from the game world (or helping me create awesome new words/slang), and for making the game more fun for the other guys in any way.
  • I will also issue ‘digital bennies’ for people writing wiki articles, commenting or adding to the game log, putting up character info and bios (both for your own and starting important NPC ones etc), helping to flesh out the world and all other things to do with digitally keeping our game badass all week long even when we are not playing it! These can only be used for finicial rewards, gaining contacts, acquiring equipment on loan from the government, a small boost in healing, and other acquisitions/preparations that happen behind the scenes while between sessions. A cool story under wiki or comments might warrant a bennie that could turn any character from your story into a contact. This is a bit up to my discretion but you all know how nice and generous I can be when we role play.

Character Creation

Character creation will use these rules:

  • 50+6d4 drop the lowest d4 for stats. This should give an average of 61-62. Re-roll if you get a shitty roll of like 57 or less.
  • Characters can only be Human. There are no other races Rath. All humans get the bonus SP and racial broad groups.
  • Their are a number of ethnicities, social classes, races, and even caste-like generational jobs that will allow for small differences between groups of people. Help me create it and justify it and I will give you bonuses. These should all follow the basic bonuses given in the Star*Drive campaign setting for the various stellar nations. That gives us a good starting point to keep things balanced. For instance, a person from a security or soldier caste may get bonuses similar to Austrin-Ontis or an immigrant from the wastelands might be resistant to poisons and toxic environments. Work with me and I will work with you!
  • All the basic classes. No magic or mindwalker stuff without discussing it with me first. This world doesn’t have much, if any, of either, but if someone had a badass character idea, keep it quiet from the others and text or call me about it. It could lead to a cool bit of intra-player intrigue.
  • Starting SP will be 50 + 3 x Intelligence (The unskilled and unambitious fall into the fold of society in Auropia and would never leave their caste and comfort zone).
  • No training bonuses for the start.
  • Perks and Flaws… take them, they are awesome. Also if you have a very valid reason I could be flexible on the number you start with. Alien artifacts are common, but are very old human items instead of alien.
  • Characters can have mutations and/or cybernetics as starting characters, but it costs 10 SP for each to have access to them as starting characters (Mutants are considered humans to me so they do get their 5 SP bonus still). These also come with certain social and legal problems since both are highly regulated and basically illegal within Auropia. We will work out money issues for cyber and specific mutations privately since these are things you will want to keep from the other players. As cybergear is fairly rare and dangerous, cyber tolerance rules will be used.
  • Robotics are advanced enough I would consider an android or robotic character, but be prepared for a weird game!
  • Last but not least… Character backgrounds and write-ups (minus anything you don’t want the other players to know of course) will be rewarded with E-bennies that might give you extra starting cash, gear, or contacts! This includes, but is not limited to – writing up signature equipment and its backgrounds, completing the character section with a picture snagged off the net, or writing up a funny story about how two characters know each other going into the adventure.


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