Chesterfields - Session 1

Save the Cheerleader?, Save the World?

After four weeks of relative calm flushing and shoveling garbage, the party made contact with the Yellow Dragon Tong, called the Yee-Dog-Tee for short, to pay off some debt. Lui Shao, Dom’s contact with the tong, who requested a favor from the deeply in dept Dom and Yousheng. The two gang affiliates met Shao at his dingy club the Dog House. In a back corner of the VIP lounge Shao asked them to tail a young woman named Alli Chesterfield. Shao claimed that the Hip Song Boys have been behind a string of high profile kidnapping for money. The party was asked to pick the girl up if the Hip Song Boys made a move to kidnap her.

After a little miscommunication, Dom and Yousheng headed up to High Field to tail the girl. DO Blair was tipped off that the “gang bangers” were up to something when their IDs were scanned at multiple elevators. Blair came to question Adieu about his ‘friends’, but Adieu implied his coworkers might be involved with lewd content and children… So Adieu was quickly dispatched to drag his recidivist buddies back for a thorough interrogation.

This series of events culminated in the group gathering together outside the IPE School for Gifted Electronic Engineering waiting for Alli Chesterfield to leave school, but the ever vigilant group somehow missed the sneaky little gal. Luckily the group had a map of the main route between the school and her home in the posh Cormos Building. Trailing the girl’s likely route brought the group straight into a mob of Hip Song Boys waiting outside a newsfeeds cafe. After some clever and blunt conversation the group ended up having an all out knives and bullets brawl in the newsfeeds cafe.

The party thrashed on the other gang and Adieu critically wounded the leader of the Boys with a 5mm sling bullet to the neck. At the end of the fight Alli ran from the party, punching codes and crashing through the apartment building attached to the cafe. A brave and daring tackle by Dom took the girl down in the hallway though she quickly showed signs of being heavily sedated. The group was seen grabbing the girl by a host of witnesses in the cafe and in the apartments, but with luck Adieu’s ‘official business’ lie might keep the curiosity minimized.

The group dragged the girl down a series of alleys dodging A Sec all the way. Finally finding an alley with a hidden alcove, they stopped to question the girl. She is the technologically gifted daughter of the Vice President of R&D for NewGen Research (I misspoke when I said CEO) a company likely hit by the Tron Virus infected bots. The party is at a loss as to where to go now, but Yousheng spoke with Lui Shao via a public comms portal. Shao told him to hang on tight and call back in 6 hours for further instructions. This left the group at a cliff hanger:

Yousheng spotted a huge hulk of a man in a hood following him from the public newsfeeds portal, but the man suddenly dissappeared.

Adieu realized Olivia Chesterfield, VP of R&D at NewGen, is the mother of the girl they rescued.

Dom is zipped tied to the girl as they wait in an alley with 6 hours to spare.

As Yousheng gets back to the group he extends a hand to Alli helping the girl to her feet and says in his heavy accent “OK now we gets you someplace safe”…


“Ally” in this case is spelled “alley”, pluralized simply “alleys”. Also, something should be said about Adieu’s upcoming organ donation :D

Chesterfields - Session 1

Yeah had way to many Alli, allies, and alleys going on for my 3AM speed typing :)

Chesterfields - Session 1

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