Introductions Made

Now You've Met

The party got together for the first time as Unit 11 and basic introductions were made. So far the party does not seem to totally trust each other and they all have their own hidden secrets, but hey it was only their first day! They met their Directing Officer, Miles Blair. DO Blair described their job and gave them basic instructions and gave Valmen and Yousheng a few words of ‘encouragement’. The Stacks are their primary territory and its incinerator tunnels are totally full of trash. After their first day it is obvious it might take a year or two to get totally caught up… but at first it seemed it might be a slow and boring year as trash, rubble, and waste was cleared. Then Adieu noticed the weird way some of the trash bots were behaving. This caught his attention and he decided to diagnose the problem. He discovered it was infected with the Tron Virus. When he pulled the memory core for later dissection some lights in the bot’s casing lit up and a ‘flash’ came to clean the tunnels. The group dove for cover to varying degrees of success.

As the fires died a group of rogue trash bots attacked using their shovel blades as giant edged pummels. They quickly rolled Dom up in a pile of trash trapping him there for much of the fight. An incinerator bot tried to flash burn Trax and Adieu, but Adieu took out its sensor stalk like a professional sniper. Shu went in ASE Aces blazing in each hand to fend off the bots rolling Dom around in the trash, but to little effect. The fight turned quickly though as Adieu started to drop bots and Dom finally got free. That is when the lights on the open bot in front of Adieu flashed again… Fire tore down the tunnel, but this time Shu and Dom hit the deck down a side tunnel while our roboticist hid behind Trax. After this the fight ended quickly as Dom and Shu finished the bots attacking them and Adieu used Trax to trap the bot with the flamer.

All in all the party came out alright, but no richer for the day! Adieu pulled various compatible parts to help in up to 3 separate repairs to Trax. He also pulled the flamer off the incinerator bot for later use, but it will require heavy modification. He managed to salvage a motor and tracks for one of the basic bots… will he start a side project building a new bot for himself???

Mostly this illustrated that the 5mm pistols are useless and that the Tron Virus might be a continuing problem for the party.



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