Rumors Abound

Tron Virus, Politcs

Well time has passed for the party. It has been nearly four weeks since the shootout with the rogue bots below the Stacks. Things have been fairly quiet for the group despite spending 10+ hours a day cleaning the incineration levels below the the Stacks. They are finally making noticeable progress and DO Blair recently told them to “keep up the good work”.

Adieu has managed to find and diagnose two more incinerator bots that were infected with the Tron Virus, but still no anti-virus, formatting, or even inoculation has seemed to prevent the spread of the computer virus. The group has seen or heard other robots running from them in the tunnels, but has yet to have another major confrontation.


Tron Virus

The Newsfeeds claim the Tron Virus is the most dangerous and widespread bot illness in recent history. The characters know more about the specifics than the Newsfeeds report. They claim it causes the robot to stop working and seek out a safe place to hide ignoring their duties. The party knows that the rumors on the Subnet that the virus gives the bots a sense of self-preservation that can overrides Eesak’s 3 Laws of Robotics. Adieu has worked with the few connections that will still talk to him among the Engineers and has figured out that infected robots are definitely communicating with each other and/or some central force.

The Newsfeeds have also been full of reports of bots attacking and/or sabotaging industrial sites and warehouses. Most of the places attacked belong to companies involved in the development of robots, machinery, and one place was the data storage facility of a programming company called NewGen Research.

The other rumors that can be heard in the canteen at ASE headquarters, among the Triad, and on the Subnet include:

  • That the government is using the virus as a way to create a great panic leading up to next years elections. The rumors vary about who will save the day and suddenly sweep the election. Most think it is Marshal Lars Connus.
  • That the virus was created by an evil scientist to gather a robot army to take over the City.
  • The virus was created to give a single company control of a bunch of robots for industrial espionage. Most think it might be Janus Industries since they are the largest producer of robots that has not been attacked by the bots.


The Citizens Council elections are coming up in a little over a year. The advertising and rumors started months ago, but the campaigns really started kicking off a few weeks ago.

  • The current Prime Minister Nighstein who leads the New Republic Party are strong contenders despite current economic problems, sexual scandals, and the recent problems in border security.
  • The Unionist candidate, Max Williams, is coming out with a large and loud advertising campaign attacking the other candidates.

The elections will be something to watch in the months to come.


Recently smuggling has been all over the Newsfeeds. A entire group of illegal immigrants, 37 people, died in a tunnel collapse while trying to sneak through some of the oldest tunnels leading up one of the spires. A recent surge in Unske speaking mutants involved in gang crime has been shining a light on the smuggling of people as well. Also a new plant based drug that does not seem to be grown in Auropia called Lewtaine has started to gain headlines. It is assumed Lewtaine is a mutated plant brought up from the World Beneath.



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