Welcome to Auropia

Your opening moments

Auropia is in a state of stagnation. Political corruption is rampant and anger about immigration has reached a fevered pitch. Religion is on the rise and with it the violence of religious competition. Some say the criminals now control the lower levels entirely and others complain viscously about the large groups of immigrants that still have no jobs. Mutant babies are on the rise and a new virus has created an epidemic of rogue androids and robots. Plague and cholera have ravaged the immigrant and Lata populations the last few years. There are fundamental metals shortages and people are rumbling about starting outposts in other parts of Namerka for the first time in thousands of years. It is the moment in time where fate has started to rumble the murky stagnant pond that is Auropia… soon everything will change. In amongst all this is the upcoming elections and the reforming of ASE Unit 11. The characters have been recruited or forced into service of the ASE.

Welcome recruits to Auropian Security Enforcement. You have been assigned to a new unit assigned to high risk operations. The good news is your path to redemption or citizenship will be greatly expedited by serving in this dangerous unit. You are all called together to meet your new commander, Directing Officer Miles Blair. He will give all of you rookies your assignment at 7 Morn in his office. It is currently 6:50 Morn and you are the only Enforcement personnel in the dining hall. Even the ones of you who do not know each other recognize that you are all rookies in the same unit due to the crisp new uniforms and the unit patch on each characters left shoulder. Each patch shows a red teardrop of flame turned sideways like a shooting fireball set on a yellow triangle with a black border. Inside the fireball is the number 11 written bold black font. Welcome to newly reconstructed Unit 11 of the Auropian Security Enforcement, now meet your unit, now what do you do…



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