J.I. Credos Shieldbot / Trax

A defensive robot designed to shield and assist in combat


The Janus Industry Credos Shieldbot is a common combat-assist robot used by A Sec and ASE. It is a robot designed as a body guard or mobile combat shield/barricade. The Credos also can operate as a sentry or guard dog. Some Credos bots are occasionally armed and wiped of Eesak’s 3 Laws of Robotics, but this is highly illegal. The armaments of the standard Credos Shieldbot is limited to a 3 stage foldout shield and a defensive stunner. The defensive stunner is only triggered if an unauthorized person touches the Credos. The stunner basically electrifies the hull, armor, and shield of the bot. The shield folds in or expands out in three different modes. The first and standard mode is a narrow shield that protects only the Credos bot. The second mode expands to the left of the bot and provides cover for one person. The third mode expands to both sides of the Credos bot providing cover for a person on each side. This third mode also functions as a plow for clearing debris or garbage. The shield gives the bot a bonus of +2 steps vs ranged attacks and a +1 vs melee attacks. The bonus it gives to people it is guarding is +2 if the person is completely hiding behind the shield or +1 to people who are shooting or attacking around the shield (this is a bonus to both melee and ranged).

The Credos also has a free arm with a hand with 3 fingers. This can manipulate most objects designed for humans. It travels on two tracks with three sides. This allows for the Credos bot to traverse most environments. It also has a large storage compartment on its back about the size of a day pack. The majority of the bot is armored or reinforced to protect it from attacks and makes it resistant to fire, cold, and even most acids.

Stat Score Res Mod
Str 13 +2
Dex 6 -1
Con 16 +3
Int 9
Wil 6 -1
Per 4 -2

Durability: 16/16/8
Movement: Sprint 18, Run 12, Walk 4
Action Check: 10+/9/4/2
Actions/Round: 2
Reaction Score: Marginal/1

Attacks Skill Damage Type Range
Shield Ram Melee Weapons d6s/d8s/d4w LI/O Melee
Stunner Powered Weapons d6+2s/d8+3s/2d6+2s En/O Personal

Res Mod vs Melee: +3
Res Mod vs Ranged: +1
Res Mod vs Encounter Skills: 0 (Int), -1 (Wil)

Armor: Attack Armor d4+1 LI / d6+1 HI / d6-1 En

Body Type:
Processor: Ordinary (5 Active Mem Slots)
Actuators: Servo
Casing: Attack Armor
Chassis: 2 meters tall
Data Port: Wired and Control Panel
Manipulators: Right Arm w/ Hand
Propulsion: Tracks
Sensor: IR, Motion, Voice/voicebox, Video, Citizenship Detector
Tools: Shield
Key Skills:
Melee Weapons – Powered
Melee Weapons – Shield
Stamina – Endurance


The Credos Shieldbot has been produced by Janus Industries for thousands of years. It was originally marketed as a bodyguard bot, but the Auropian security and military forces quickly started to purchase the bot. It is common to see individual units that are hundreds or even thousands of years old.

The Credos bot has a square body with access panels and storage in the back. Its sensor equipment is built into a small stock off the top of the main body.

The shieldbot assigned to ASE Unit 11 was a number UG-47 that according to its diagnostic memory banks has served in Unit 11 since its last memory rebuild over 170 years ago. UG-47 has been given the nickname Trax by the reconstituted Unit 11.

J.I. Credos Shieldbot / Trax

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