Shu Yousheng

A body fixer and quack healer who had a run in with the law.


HP: Over 9000!!
High Field Chings must possess high levels of knowledge and dedication to set themselves apart from the crowd. These dedicated people get the benefits similar to Borealins, gaining a + 1 to Int at character creation (max 15) and a moderate (+ 4) Obsessed flaw.


Yousheng was born to Shu Ling-jie and Mariko, granted a permit to breed for their service as doctors in Auropia. Unlike most Chings, Yousheng was raised in the High Field surrounded by a wealthier group of people. Trained in traditional medicine traditions by his parents, he was all set to enter service himself on his majority. Several trips into low Field and the normal habitations of the Chings made him frustrated with the system that let such a difference of living among its residents. It was during these forays that he made contact with the Yellow Dragon Tong.
At first they were hostile to this guilao doctor, but a fascination with cybernetics made them look at Yousheng as a possible member. He was able to prove himself to the group, and while learning traditional Chings herbalism from his family and medical rituals from the academy, he was also learning Suk-chung martial arts and cybersurgery from the Yellow Dragon Tong. His mentor was a surgeon known as Sagi, who started his training in cyber medicine and engendered the desire to learn everything there is to know about the how and why of human physiology and how it could be induced to interact with machines. With combined grants from his family and the gang he opened “Shu Yousheng’s Health and Wellness Center,” a store selling herbal remedies and ancient Chings health supplements. It’s location in High Field made it an instant hit with other Chings as well as many curious residents and non-citizens who had never been to Low Field Chingtowns before.
While being outside the normal area of the Tong, Yousheng still set up a room in the back for the performance of illegal surgery, including cybergear installation. His clientele started with Yellow Dragons who needed discrete and skilled treatment or augmentation, and grew to encompass nearly anyone who needed medical treatment with no questions asked. The growth of his business brought unwanted attention, and he was busted by the Special Security forces and managed to bargain his way into joining ASE instead of being executed. The shame of Yousheng’s criminal activities led him to be ostracized by his family, with his shop going over to his cousin Chao Baohzhen, who had looked up to him as an idol and was utterly devastated by his fall from grace and lack of voluntary service in the medical field, setting back the family’s bid for citizenship by generations. To make good on their loans, the family took over his shop, locking him out entirely. When he became unable to preform his duties for the Yellow Dragon Tong, they sought a return on the money they invested in him. He was willing to work for them as often as his duties allow, so he still stays on good terms with his old employers, even though they take a solid share out of his paycheck.
How will being ostracized from his family, forced into the dirtiest work possible for indentured public servants and having only other criminals for friends affect Yousheng’s outlook on life? Only time will tell.

Shu Yousheng

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