Aduitor Parva's Artifact

Alien Artifact Adiutor Parva Might Have


While Randy doesn’t know how or why he has these abilities associated with the alien or ancient artifact he may or may not have hidden on, around, or in his body!


He can split his mind into two or even three separate ‘processors’ these can operate on unrelated tasks, but are limited by his body and abilities. There are none of the usual penalties for doing multiple actions. He can drive and shoot or shoot and repair a radio, but doing all three would require more hands than he has. He can simultaneously wrack his brain on a Tactics roll, a Technical Knowledge check, and drive simultaneously. This power drains him see Energy Cost below.

Photonic Manipulation

He can create light or dark in his surrounds with a simple wave of his hand. To him and his companions it might as well be magic, but Parva can create light or pull light away creating darkness in a small area within 100m of himself. The area of effect is 10m and it is limited to 10 minutes a day.

Energy Cost

Each round (end of the round) that Parva uses his Multitasking ability he must make a Resolve – Mental skill check. On a Marginal he takes 3 stun, on an Ordinary he takes 2 stun, on a Good he takes 1 stun, and on an Amazing he takes no damage. On a Critical Failure he must instantly make a Stamina – Endurance check, any success and he takes 3 stun, but on a Marginal or Critical Failure result he takes all his remaining stun and falls unconscious.


Parva cannot remember much of his childhood, perhaps these abilities are related to his lack of memory…

Aduitor Parva's Artifact

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