ASE 5mm Pistol

Cheap small pistol issued by ASE

weapon (ranged)

ASE 5mm Pistol

Light weight and cheap to produce

A cheap 5mm bullet fired with a magnetic sling. This sends the projectile at a subsonic speed at the target. This can create a tumbling effect upon penetration meaning the pistol has some stopping power despite its small size and caliber. The projectile really lacks penetration. The lack of chemical accelerant means the magazine can hold a large amount of bullets. The magazine is actually loaded into the back of the gun and runs under the barrel. Non-standard issue version use an extended clip and can be fired in burst mode, but costs 250 extra. Chopped down versions are even smaller and have a Hide of +3, but an Accuracy of +2, but costs the same as the original.

Availability: Common
Cost: 300
Mass: <1kg
Ammunition: 5mm Accelerant-Less Bullet
Accuracy: +1
Actions: 4
Mode: F
Type/Firepower: HI/O
Damage: d4-1w/d4w/d4-2m
Range: 2/6/10
Hide: +2
Clip Size: 20
Clip Cost: $10
Skill: Modern Ranged – Pistol


This weapon is called the ASE Ace by many since the shortened version is commonly used as a small concealed weapon by gamblers and thugs. It is small enough to be hidden easily (chopped version can fit in a sleeve) and most ASE forces quickly buy a better gun and relegate the ASE 5mm to an ankle or hidden holster. The weapon is at its best while shooting small animals like rats and dogs that run rampant in much of the territory ASE supervises.

The gun is known for being nearly unbreakable due to its solid frame, but the gun does have problems with jamming. The magazines issued with the ASE 5mm Pistol have frequently been used for decades with only the occasional ‘refurbishing’ meaning that the batteries are frequently worthless or corroded. Ask GM but special rules apply when Breakage is rolled on the critical failure chart.

ASE 5mm Pistol

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