ASE Uniform

ASE reinforced unifrom


ASE Reinforced Uniform

Basic protection at under basic price!

This is standard issue for ASE personnel. It is basically a rough spun synthetic wool outer layer with a wire mesh reinforced inner layer. Between these layers is a light padding designed to keep out the cold when operations require going to the outer parts of the City, but that exchanges heat while operating in the depths of the furnace floors. This armor is frequently worn under a flak jacket or other more protective vests. When worn under vest type and light jacket type armors it adds +1 to armor of both HI and LI, but does not help with En type damage. They also make a uniform designed to be worn over larger armors. It costs the same as a basic uniform, but is made of a light metallic weave so it also gives the +1 to LI and HI. These alternate uniforms are designed to be worn with other armors and give no penalty for stacking armor.

AP: 0
Type: O
Armor: d6-2 / d4-3 / d6-4
Hide: +1
Mass: 2kg
Availability: Controlled / ASE
Skill: -
Cost: 150


The ASE uniform is a dark blue that is almost black. The padding is strategically placed to make the wearer look bigger in the shoulders and chest. It always has the Auropian Security Enforcement patch on the left breast and the right shoulder with the unit patch on the left shoulder. The rank is placed on the ends of the sleeves and upon the large stiff collar.

ASE Uniform

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