.32 Cal Chem-Powder Revolver

Small Caliber Revolver Common Among Gangs

weapon (ranged)

A small 8 shot revolver commonly used by gangs, thugs, and underworld types. It uses a fairly cheap chem-powder cartridge that packs enough punch to be a serious threat. The main gun is created out of two plate-like parts with a breach mechanism for maintenance, but the gun is generally reloaded one at a time through a side loading slot. The handle is usually constructed of a cheap plastic, but can be quickly and easily changed out meaning many of these guns have minimal customization.

Availability: Controlled
Cost: 500
Mass: <1kg
Ammunition: .32 Cal Chem-Powder Cartridge
Accuracy: +1
Actions: 4
Mode: F
Type/Firepower: HI/O
Damage: d4w/d6w/d4m
Range: 4/8/30
Hide: +2
Clip Size: 8
Clip Cost: $20
Skill: Modern Ranged – Pistol


.32 Cal Chem-Powder Revolver

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