Chings CF Robes

Heavy yet non-assuming robes


Chings CF Robes

Classic Robes with Modern Protection

Various Chings manufacturers such as Yu Shen Clothing, Leong Materials Productions, and many small tailor shops make these robes in various Chings styles and cuts.

Availability: Common
Cost: $1500
Mass: 6kg
Composition: CF Weave
Action Penalty: + 1
Toughness: Ordinary
LI/HI/En: |d4+1|d4+1|d6-1|
Hide: +2
Skill: Armor Ops


Many Chings wear heavy, all encompassing robes when traveling the tunnels and streets of the city to ward off the chill. Not surprisingly, many augment their robes with CF weave to give them armor hidden from the casual observer. This trick caught on among the Tong and Triad members of Low Field, giving them a layer of stealth with almost viable combat armor. It grew from there, until the armored robes of the Chings became a stereotype. However, many still wear them for the added durability of heavy folds of CF in a still fairly light package, often with the addition of a skullcap covered in matching material as well.

Most Triads, Tongs and even some guild societies integrate their colors and symbols into their CF Robes. For those that are culturally aware and knowledgeable about Auropian gangs this is as good as wearing a walking billboard advertising one’s gang affiliation. A character with Street Smarts – Criminal Elements or Culture – Etiquette Chings can make a skill check to determine a wearer’s gang and underworld ties based on the CF Robes colors, patterns, and symbols. On an Ordinary the gang name or its home District is known, a Good might know the gang’s name and territory, and an Amazing success will could give more detailed information such as the specific faction, allegiance or set from with the larger gang. Skills like Law – Enforcement, Business – Illicit Business, or other related skills can attempt to identify the gang in the same way, but at a +2 step penalty and the only information that can be gained is the name of the gang or its claimed territory.

Chings CF Robes

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