Quick Response Medicine Deployment Collar


Cost: 1,200

The Narco-Collar are manufactured by many different people and companies. They are common items among security personnel, drug addicts, workers needing a stim, and many other parts of Auropan society. A Narco-Collar are quick-response nutrient, medical, and stim/relaxant distribution system. It is a thin, flexible collar less than 1 cm thick and only 3 cm wide, it fits tightly around the neck and can hold a variety of serums, emergency nutrients, and helpful pharmaceuticals in tiny, compressed packages.

Its basic automated brain can be set to automatically dose the wearer based on the physiology of the wearer. For example, it can release a stimulant when the wearer is knocked out or an anti-toxin if a poison is present in the bloodstream. It can be set to inject nutrients or hydrating agents if the wearer is fatigued. It can be set to work manually based on a series of hidden tactile manipulators or based on voice command. Various models carry different amounts, but most hold 24 doses of drugs. The drugs must be purchased separately and the Narco-Collar can be fit with illicit or legal substances.


The Narco-Collar started as military equipment for elite units such as the Rangers and Boundary Enforcement, but quickly drug addicts co-opted the technology.


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