Needle Gun Pistol

Shoots high velocity slivers of metal

weapon (ranged)

Shoots tiny needles of metal at ultra high velocity. These needles are shaved off a block of extreme density metal and fired with a short magnetic rail at extreme velocity. These tiny high velocity rounds pierce armor easily, but does minimal damage. The ammo block and batteries used by the Needle Pistol is heavy giving the gun more mass than its small size would normally warrant. The penetration of this armor piercing weapon halves all armor (rounded up) of the target, but the tiny nature of the round means it does minimal damage and has limited range.

Availability: Controlled
Cost: 1,250
Mass: 2.5 kg
Length: 14cm
Payload: Needle
Accuracy: -1
Actions: 3
Mode: F
Firepower: HI/O
Damage: d4-1w/d4w/d4+2w
Range: 8/16/40
Hide: +2
Clip/Charge Size:

  • Needle Block – 200
  • Battery – 15

Clip/Charge Cost:

  • Needle Block – 125
  • Battery – 10

Skill: Modern Ranged Weapons – Pistol


The Needle Pistol is extremely small and compact, but heavy. It is a great backup weapon and is useful for hitting heavily armored targets, but lacks real stopping power.

Needle Gun Pistol

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