String Net Mine

A mine that shoots an electrified net

weapon (ranged)

String Net Mine

Electrified Defensive Trap

Cost: 1,500
Net Cartridge: 100
Mass: 5 kg

Built into a small, box shaped unit, the String Net Mine is a mine that works in combination with an external sensor. When a target triggers the attached sensors, the unit explodes out with a quiet pop and hurls a thin, extremely strong metal net at the target. The guidance system prevents the unit from being effective above 10 meters assuming there in no obstacles between the unit and its target. It has a Modern Ranged Weapons skill of 20/10/5 to hit within that range.

Once the net has entangled the target it locks down with strong magnets it jolts the target. The first jolt is painful, but causes no serious damage. Creatures and animals generally don’t really struggle after the initial jolt, but humans often attempt to fight their way out of the net. While struggling, trying to crawl around, or trying to escape the target must make an Endurance – Stamina skill check or suffer Energy damage. On an Amazing success, the target barely gets zapped which is painful but not harmful. An Good success the target endures d6s, an Ordinary success means he or she takes d6+2s, and a Marginal results in d8+3s. A Critical Failure results in the unit overloading causing 3d6+2s, but thankfully the unit’s battery dies. The net will continue to jolt a struggling target once every round (at the end of the round) for 4 rounds or until the net is turned off. The net cartridges are disposable and must be replaced after each use.

The net has a strength equivalent to an ability score of 18 and a durability of 22 (Wounds).


These traps are commonly use by Boundary Enforcement along common routes used by smugglers and illegal immigrants. The String Net Mine are frequently found by the same people they were designed to stop and reused by them in various ways.

Basic Use:

String net mine

String Net Mine

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