Auropian Government

Oppressive, Ineffective, Confusing, and Giant

The Government of Auropia is an endless bureaucratic mess that watches everyone. It is more oppressive than helpful, but is not altogether evil. The basic legislative process is divided by two councils the Citizens Council and the Ruling Council. Years ago the Ruling Council, populated by property owning aristocratic families who can tie their lineage to the original Ings families that founded Auropia, was the dominant council, but thousands of years ago their power started to be eroded by the Citizens Council. The Citizens Council represents all Citizens of Auropia and due to this much larger power base it threatened revolution repetitively until the Citizens Council had eroded most of the power away from the Ruling Council. The two Councils are elected by their constituents through a District and Sector based popular vote.

The parties that control the Citizens Council form a Majority Government, that then internally elect a Prime Minister and the Ministers of the various bureaus. The Ruling Council elects a Supreme Lord and Lesser Lords who used to be more powerful than the Prime Minister, but today the Lords serve only as first advisers for the Prime Minister and Ministers.


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