These are slang terms that most citizens would know. Despite coming from distinct languages these are all common terms and insults. This should give an impression of each of the main languages.

Generic Terms

Boundary – The edge of each level and the bottom most part of the city. Any part of the City where one can see the outside world. It is also used to mean a border.

Canton – See District

District – Each Sector in Auropia is broken up into various Districts. The upper levels frequently refer to Districts as Cantons. These are mostly the equivalent of large towns or small cities in population, but can take up as much as 500 square blocks or as little as 5.

Hongmen – A semi-derogatory term used throughout the City to describe Chings gang members.

Level – One of the six major levels of Auropia.

Parish – See Sector

Pirate – Hacker or user of the illegal internet called the Subnet

Safo – Lesbian

Sector – Each level in Auropia is divided into various administrative areas called Sectors which are divided up further into Districts. The richest areas of Auropia call Sectors Parishes. In modern analogies a Sector is closest to a county. These terms are occasionally exchanged when referring to a specific area, much like counties, parishes and townships in the southern US.

Ward – Districts are divided up into wards. Wards are usually numbered and generally are a small group of buildings. Wards might include an open area and the shops around it or a group of 5 apartment towers. In some of the smaller and more heavily populated Districts the Wards might only include a few floor of a large tenement building.

Xeno – Immigrants

Ings Terms

Apple – Any fruit
Banga – Gun
Char – Tea
Craic – Pronounced ‘Crack’, a party or social gathering
Fossick – One who picks through rubbish searching for treasure
Grubba – Person obsessed with money
Ingess – A person who speaks Ings
Jamon – Musical
Rails – Even Odds. “Heads or tails, it’s on the rails.”
Rewengay – 1. Meaningless 2. Revenge
Three B’s – Off time for Security or Military members.
Xela – Pronounced ‘Shee-la’, means Woman

Panesh Terms

Pukka – Authentic or first class
Sahib – A term which used to be a term of respect to one’s master. Now used mockingly by many Panesh speaking residents to their social “betters.”

Lata Terms

Chine – Derogatory Term for Chings
Inga/an – Fucker, Dis-likable Person
Lolo – Originally Cholo, it is a pejoritive term used by honest Lata to describe Lata gang members, low-lives, and criminals.
Omerta – Code of Silence

Chings Terms

Ah-cha – A derogatory term for Panesh or followers of the New Gods movement in general.
Guilao – A derogatory term for any white people, used by those in Low Field for any High Field resident.
Hutu-dan – A sucker
Kogi – A type of BBQ usually made with dog meat
Laomo – A derogatory term for Lata people.
Pihua – nonsense
Si piyan – Asshole
Wo Kao – A multipurpose expletive used mainly when startled, can range from a despairing “fuck me” to a surprised “holy shit!”

Unske Terms

Ubler – A citizen of Auropia
Leber – A non-citizen resident of Auropia

Codex Terms

Igno Elencho – A catch-all term for those who do not speak Codex.
Quid nunc – Meaning “what now?” Also used as a noun for a busybody.
Quieta non Movere – “Do not move settled things,” a slogan for a political faction upholding the status quo.


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