Their are two major internet/television broadcast systems. The first is called the Newsfeeds, it is the official internet and entertainment stations. The Newsfeeds is a fast and fairly modern system, even if it is still ran using fiber optic lines due to the perpetual interference of Auropia. It is tightly controlled by the Auropian government’s Board of Censorship.

The Subnet is the complete opposite. It is unregulated, dirty, overcrowded, and frequently slow internet and pirate holovid, music, and television. The government’s AIA, Information Agency, is constantly hunting down these rouge broadcasters, but the casual user is almost never busted. The Subnet is allowed to exist by the government for some unknown reason, but most believe is is highly monitored by the AIA and all illegal conversations on the Subnet use some type of encryption.

Unlike the Newsfeeds much of the Subnet is wireless or piggybacks on official Newsfeeds channels. This means that Pirates, the term used for hackers and the hardcore users of Subnet, are constantly putting up cheap relays all over the City since the strong feedback and interference created by the giant metal metropolis prevent long range wireless communications. These relays are technically illegal, as is patching into the Newsfeeds cables, and the government dismantles hundreds daily, but few Pirates are ever caught installing them and publicly prosecuted.

The information on the Subnet varies in quality from rumors, corporate propaganda, and the rambling of conspiracy theorists that believe in magic to leaked government communications, professional blog journalists, and peer edited encyclopedias. This is similar to the real world internet where we have WikiLeaks and Wikipedia as well as websites called ‘I was Raped by Aliens’.

There are also many rumors about the Subnet itself. The most prominent one is that the Auropian Intelligence Agency created it thousands of years ago to promote electronic communication by criminals that can be easily monitored centrally. Another prominent rumor is that Pirates that are caught by the AIA are not prosecuted publicly, but are forced, through mind control or drugs, to work for the government on secret projects. Recently the chatter on the Subnet has mostly been about political scandals and the rise of the Tron Virus


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