Yellow Dragon Tong

Yellow Dragon Tong

Augmentation Specialist

Tag: YDgT

A group of Chings gangsters who specialize in human augmentation. Most of their illegal trafficking is in cybergear, and they have a network of cyber snatchers, chop docs and installers of cybergear. They dabble in drugs more often than other Chings gangs, seeking a combat stim or cocktail that would enhance their soldiers. With more doctors and botanists directly working for them, they are unlike many other gangs, Chings or otherwise.Chinese dragon

The group is organized in a less rigid hierarchy than many other Chings gangs and organized crime groups. It ruled by a group called the Hui, Shadow or Secret Council, like many Tiandihui, but under them are a series of Generals who have Lieutenants and Sergeants below them. Each General Operates mostly independent from each other.

The Yellow Dragon Tong, YDgT (Eee-Dog-Tee) for short, began with founding of the Hung Fa Ting Tong, or Red Flower Pavilion Hall, a housing block in the East Chings District of the Warrens. This complex of buildings is still under the direct control of the Yellow Dragons and remains their center of power, but the nature of the enhancement business has led to the Tong having a diverse and spread out footprint with chop shops and meeting halls inside other gangs territories and on other levels.

Like all Tiandihui the Yellow Dragon Tong is a semi-religious secret club officially. Its official goals are:

  1. To Perfect the Human Condition
  2. To Privately Worship the Guan Yu
  3. To Promote Chung So Do, a martial philosophy developed by the Yellow Dragons that incorporates Chings religion and philosophy to enhance and enrich a person.

Yellow Dragon Tong

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