Chesterfields - Session 2
Have We Been Played?

The session began with the Dom strapped to Alli Chesterfield with zip ties and Yousheng scouting out a place to hide. Yousheng quickly scouted out a shop that was out of business. The party should have known they were in trouble when the sign above the door read “Trevor’s Scrumpshesh Cupcakes” (yep even in the future people spell stuff in retarded ways), but they needed a hideout. Dom kicked the door in despite Alli’s half-hearted attempts to pull him off balance.

Once inside the shop the party settled in to kill some time. Yousheng and the girl quickly took to a nap in the bed of the apartment above the cupcake shop. In their restless sleep they were soon spooning like only a teenager and a small Chingman could. After a few hours, Dom heard the distinct click of a deadbolt being thrown on the back door downstairs. In the process of waking Yousheng Dom yanked Alli’s arm and she yelled. With their location broadcast to whoever was downstairs the group had no time to prepare.

Within seconds Hip Song Boy enforcers with a mutant in a trench coat and fedora crashed into the apartment with guns drawn. The mutie had bubbly skin with a rock hard scarred look and stood an easy seven feet. He had large meaty fists covered in the same scars that resembled reddish-yellow bubble wrap. When the shooting started the group took cover where it could, but the mutie brought flashbangs. He tossed one on the bed to flush out the people hiding behind it, but the mutie didn’t prime it. Little did he know Adieu was hiding just out of sight… Adieu bravely dove at the flashbang, grabbed it up, and tossed it right back at the mutie. Unfortunately nobody ever informed Adieu of the key to flashbangs, don’t watch it explode.

With half the room deaf and blind hilarity ensued. Adieu crashed into multiple walls at a full run, shots were fired into other random walls, and people yelled at each other without effect. When the ear cobwebs and the eye floaty lights cleared a full on fight began. The mutie came at them with a pneumatic shotgun and his big blocky fists. Small ‘screwsling’ SMGs scattered bullets throughout the room, turning the mattress into cheesecloth. Powder pistols and ASE 5mm rounds bounced off armor and walls like a t-shirt cannon shooting a tank. Adieu flashed the lights on and off with his strange powers evening dazzling the mutie enough to save Dom from getting boot-stomped in the face. Finally the battle was decided by fists, knives, and a stun baton…

The party woke hours later dazed, confused, minus a laptop, and injured, but most importantly they awoke without Alli. Dom and Adieu required immediate attention for their wounds, but despite some extra bloodletting Yousheng patched them up. After some quick and pessimistic discussion about how creatively they would be murdered by Lui Shao for their failure to nab Alli, the group decided to try to track the other kidnappers.

They tracked them down into some tunnels below High Field and found the remains of some hasty first aid the Hip Song Boys had applied. In the mud the found a .32 cal chem-powder cartridge revolver with a few rounds left and a hastily scrawled note of ‘h-lp’ written by Alli. Again the young woman showed her shrewd intelligence by marking out an arrow showing the direction the people were going to take her. In the thick mud of the garbage shoot the girl was forced down she appeared to have deliberately drug her feet leaving a clear trail. With this assistance Adieu proved he had a flare for tracking people through garbage strewn filth shoots and followed the group of Hip Song through multiple levels and tunnels. He found the second place they rested where some of the kidnappers parted ways. He also found where the kidnappers had encountered some feral dogs and eventually where the bad guys had climbed out of the sewer into a warehouse in Low Field.

With luck and bravery Dom climbed up the pipe into the warehouse and dropped a rope ladder down to the other two allowing everyone to safely climb out of the mud into the warehouse (Dom took a 28 foot rope ladder {-3 to climb check} so don’t forget to write it down!). Again they found evidence and a note from Alli. It was looking like she was leaving them clues, this time by tracking her feet through a small pool of blood. It was starting to become obvious that Alli was way smarter than she had let on. Yousheng could tell from blood that they were gaining on their quarry so the party set out hot on the trail of the kidnappers.

As they walked through a tobacco field toward a small Lata community the party was assaulted by fatigue, sprinklers, and the extreme heat of grow lamps. The strain has started to take a toll on Yousheng who is racking up the fatigue. Dom and Adieu are fairing better, but are starting to show weariness also. At the Lata village the party finds out they are only about two hours behind the kidnappers who are now traveling in a small truck. The party also finds a drug dealer on the corner who sells them a few bullets (20) for their new revolver and some illegal stims. As they walk away from this street level dealer Yousheng sees some graffiti and suddenly realizes they are in Los Reyes, a Lata hardcore gang, territory.

The party knows they have 22 more hours before they need to report back for ASE duty, that they are two hours behind their prey, and they are likely in hostile gang territory…

Yousheng looks at his friends and says in his accent “We can’t stop here, this gang country!”

Chesterfields - Session 1
Save the Cheerleader?, Save the World?

After four weeks of relative calm flushing and shoveling garbage, the party made contact with the Yellow Dragon Tong, called the Yee-Dog-Tee for short, to pay off some debt. Lui Shao, Dom’s contact with the tong, who requested a favor from the deeply in dept Dom and Yousheng. The two gang affiliates met Shao at his dingy club the Dog House. In a back corner of the VIP lounge Shao asked them to tail a young woman named Alli Chesterfield. Shao claimed that the Hip Song Boys have been behind a string of high profile kidnapping for money. The party was asked to pick the girl up if the Hip Song Boys made a move to kidnap her.

After a little miscommunication, Dom and Yousheng headed up to High Field to tail the girl. DO Blair was tipped off that the “gang bangers” were up to something when their IDs were scanned at multiple elevators. Blair came to question Adieu about his ‘friends’, but Adieu implied his coworkers might be involved with lewd content and children… So Adieu was quickly dispatched to drag his recidivist buddies back for a thorough interrogation.

This series of events culminated in the group gathering together outside the IPE School for Gifted Electronic Engineering waiting for Alli Chesterfield to leave school, but the ever vigilant group somehow missed the sneaky little gal. Luckily the group had a map of the main route between the school and her home in the posh Cormos Building. Trailing the girl’s likely route brought the group straight into a mob of Hip Song Boys waiting outside a newsfeeds cafe. After some clever and blunt conversation the group ended up having an all out knives and bullets brawl in the newsfeeds cafe.

The party thrashed on the other gang and Adieu critically wounded the leader of the Boys with a 5mm sling bullet to the neck. At the end of the fight Alli ran from the party, punching codes and crashing through the apartment building attached to the cafe. A brave and daring tackle by Dom took the girl down in the hallway though she quickly showed signs of being heavily sedated. The group was seen grabbing the girl by a host of witnesses in the cafe and in the apartments, but with luck Adieu’s ‘official business’ lie might keep the curiosity minimized.

The group dragged the girl down a series of alleys dodging A Sec all the way. Finally finding an alley with a hidden alcove, they stopped to question the girl. She is the technologically gifted daughter of the Vice President of R&D for NewGen Research (I misspoke when I said CEO) a company likely hit by the Tron Virus infected bots. The party is at a loss as to where to go now, but Yousheng spoke with Lui Shao via a public comms portal. Shao told him to hang on tight and call back in 6 hours for further instructions. This left the group at a cliff hanger:

Yousheng spotted a huge hulk of a man in a hood following him from the public newsfeeds portal, but the man suddenly dissappeared.

Adieu realized Olivia Chesterfield, VP of R&D at NewGen, is the mother of the girl they rescued.

Dom is zipped tied to the girl as they wait in an alley with 6 hours to spare.

As Yousheng gets back to the group he extends a hand to Alli helping the girl to her feet and says in his heavy accent “OK now we gets you someplace safe”…

Rumors Abound
Tron Virus, Politcs

Well time has passed for the party. It has been nearly four weeks since the shootout with the rogue bots below the Stacks. Things have been fairly quiet for the group despite spending 10+ hours a day cleaning the incineration levels below the the Stacks. They are finally making noticeable progress and DO Blair recently told them to “keep up the good work”.

Adieu has managed to find and diagnose two more incinerator bots that were infected with the Tron Virus, but still no anti-virus, formatting, or even inoculation has seemed to prevent the spread of the computer virus. The group has seen or heard other robots running from them in the tunnels, but has yet to have another major confrontation.


Tron Virus

The Newsfeeds claim the Tron Virus is the most dangerous and widespread bot illness in recent history. The characters know more about the specifics than the Newsfeeds report. They claim it causes the robot to stop working and seek out a safe place to hide ignoring their duties. The party knows that the rumors on the Subnet that the virus gives the bots a sense of self-preservation that can overrides Eesak’s 3 Laws of Robotics. Adieu has worked with the few connections that will still talk to him among the Engineers and has figured out that infected robots are definitely communicating with each other and/or some central force.

The Newsfeeds have also been full of reports of bots attacking and/or sabotaging industrial sites and warehouses. Most of the places attacked belong to companies involved in the development of robots, machinery, and one place was the data storage facility of a programming company called NewGen Research.

The other rumors that can be heard in the canteen at ASE headquarters, among the Triad, and on the Subnet include:

  • That the government is using the virus as a way to create a great panic leading up to next years elections. The rumors vary about who will save the day and suddenly sweep the election. Most think it is Marshal Lars Connus.
  • That the virus was created by an evil scientist to gather a robot army to take over the City.
  • The virus was created to give a single company control of a bunch of robots for industrial espionage. Most think it might be Janus Industries since they are the largest producer of robots that has not been attacked by the bots.


The Citizens Council elections are coming up in a little over a year. The advertising and rumors started months ago, but the campaigns really started kicking off a few weeks ago.

  • The current Prime Minister Nighstein who leads the New Republic Party are strong contenders despite current economic problems, sexual scandals, and the recent problems in border security.
  • The Unionist candidate, Max Williams, is coming out with a large and loud advertising campaign attacking the other candidates.

The elections will be something to watch in the months to come.


Recently smuggling has been all over the Newsfeeds. A entire group of illegal immigrants, 37 people, died in a tunnel collapse while trying to sneak through some of the oldest tunnels leading up one of the spires. A recent surge in Unske speaking mutants involved in gang crime has been shining a light on the smuggling of people as well. Also a new plant based drug that does not seem to be grown in Auropia called Lewtaine has started to gain headlines. It is assumed Lewtaine is a mutated plant brought up from the World Beneath.

Introductions Made
Now You've Met

The party got together for the first time as Unit 11 and basic introductions were made. So far the party does not seem to totally trust each other and they all have their own hidden secrets, but hey it was only their first day! They met their Directing Officer, Miles Blair. DO Blair described their job and gave them basic instructions and gave Valmen and Yousheng a few words of ‘encouragement’. The Stacks are their primary territory and its incinerator tunnels are totally full of trash. After their first day it is obvious it might take a year or two to get totally caught up… but at first it seemed it might be a slow and boring year as trash, rubble, and waste was cleared. Then Adieu noticed the weird way some of the trash bots were behaving. This caught his attention and he decided to diagnose the problem. He discovered it was infected with the Tron Virus. When he pulled the memory core for later dissection some lights in the bot’s casing lit up and a ‘flash’ came to clean the tunnels. The group dove for cover to varying degrees of success.

As the fires died a group of rogue trash bots attacked using their shovel blades as giant edged pummels. They quickly rolled Dom up in a pile of trash trapping him there for much of the fight. An incinerator bot tried to flash burn Trax and Adieu, but Adieu took out its sensor stalk like a professional sniper. Shu went in ASE Aces blazing in each hand to fend off the bots rolling Dom around in the trash, but to little effect. The fight turned quickly though as Adieu started to drop bots and Dom finally got free. That is when the lights on the open bot in front of Adieu flashed again… Fire tore down the tunnel, but this time Shu and Dom hit the deck down a side tunnel while our roboticist hid behind Trax. After this the fight ended quickly as Dom and Shu finished the bots attacking them and Adieu used Trax to trap the bot with the flamer.

All in all the party came out alright, but no richer for the day! Adieu pulled various compatible parts to help in up to 3 separate repairs to Trax. He also pulled the flamer off the incinerator bot for later use, but it will require heavy modification. He managed to salvage a motor and tracks for one of the basic bots… will he start a side project building a new bot for himself???

Mostly this illustrated that the 5mm pistols are useless and that the Tron Virus might be a continuing problem for the party.

Welcome to Auropia
Your opening moments

Auropia is in a state of stagnation. Political corruption is rampant and anger about immigration has reached a fevered pitch. Religion is on the rise and with it the violence of religious competition. Some say the criminals now control the lower levels entirely and others complain viscously about the large groups of immigrants that still have no jobs. Mutant babies are on the rise and a new virus has created an epidemic of rogue androids and robots. Plague and cholera have ravaged the immigrant and Lata populations the last few years. There are fundamental metals shortages and people are rumbling about starting outposts in other parts of Namerka for the first time in thousands of years. It is the moment in time where fate has started to rumble the murky stagnant pond that is Auropia… soon everything will change. In amongst all this is the upcoming elections and the reforming of ASE Unit 11. The characters have been recruited or forced into service of the ASE.

Welcome recruits to Auropian Security Enforcement. You have been assigned to a new unit assigned to high risk operations. The good news is your path to redemption or citizenship will be greatly expedited by serving in this dangerous unit. You are all called together to meet your new commander, Directing Officer Miles Blair. He will give all of you rookies your assignment at 7 Morn in his office. It is currently 6:50 Morn and you are the only Enforcement personnel in the dining hall. Even the ones of you who do not know each other recognize that you are all rookies in the same unit due to the crisp new uniforms and the unit patch on each characters left shoulder. Each patch shows a red teardrop of flame turned sideways like a shooting fireball set on a yellow triangle with a black border. Inside the fireball is the number 11 written bold black font. Welcome to newly reconstructed Unit 11 of the Auropian Security Enforcement, now meet your unit, now what do you do…


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